Brian Blessed
 Sian Phillips
 Margaret Tyzack
 John Hurt and George Baker
 Derek Jacobi

I, CLAUDIUS (1976).
Directed by Herbert Wise. Cinematography by Peter Hider. 
Screenplay by Robert Graves and Jack Pulman.
Production Design by Tim Harvey. Costume Design by Barbara Kronig.
Starring George Baker, Brian Blessed, John Castle, John Cater, John Rhys-Davies, 
James Faulkner, Bernard Hepton, John Hurt, Derek Jacobi, Ian Ogilvy, 
Sian Phillips, Patricia Quinn, Jo Rowbottom, Patrick Stewart, Margaret Tyzack
Fiona Walker, Frances White, Sheila White (as Messalina) and Barbara Young.

Original DVD framegrab photographs by Will Holub 2013.